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In difficult times you need an Attorney on your side.

The last few years have been difficult for many families. Once the pillar of the American dream, home ownership has become one of the root causes of overwhelming financial debt for the American family. Homes have become severely undervalued and the multiple mortgages against the homes have added to the financial distress experienced by local families. However, all is not lost and the Law Office of Bijal Jani can help families develop strategies to get the personal finances in a better condition.

If you have missed paying some mortgage payments, “denied” a loan modification, or have been served with a Summons & Complaint by your mortgage lender, it is very important that you take action in protecting your rights and your financial future.

Bijal Jani, PC offers free consultations to local families and business owners who are in mortgage distress. Bijal Jani, Esq., will personally meet with you to review all of your finances, develop strategies in tackling the debts, and then take specific steps to protect your rights. Some of the strategies that a homeowner can consider are a loan modification for a lower interest rate and principal forgiveness through HAMP or with the existing lending institution, short sale of the property with no deficiency judgment later, deed in lieu of foreclosure with release on future obligations, or legal proceedings which present your legal rights against the lender in Court.

Bijal Jani, PC offers low cost FLAT fees and weekend/evening appointments.

Mortgage Defaults / Modifications